1. American tintype. Ca 1870.

  3. Fribourg, Switzerland. 1903.

  4. Kodak picture of Queen Elisabeth of Belgium with the head of the Belgian army next to her. Date unknown, mabey at the start of world war two.

  5. 1907

  6. People going to a party in march 1914. The woman looks like a belle epoque painting, just a couple of months before the start of the first world war.

  7. Edwardian pick nick.

  8. 1899

  9. Early 1860’s ambrotype.

  10. Belle epoque beach romance.

  12. Liege, Belgium.

  13. Late 16th century copper plate engraving based on a painting of Maarten De Vos. It depicts return of the holy family from Egypt.

  14. Liege, Belgium. 1898.

  15. German world war one train canon captured by the British army, Paris.