Old Faces

A blog with nice vintage things from my collection.

Belle epoque photocard of working class men/boys.
Ca. 1920. Belgium.
1940’s kodak picture from Germany.
Civilians showing their welcoming feast for visiting soldiers. Picture looks pre world war one based on style. Not sure of date or location. I love the sharpness of this picture.
German soldiers. Unknown location and time (before or during first world war).
Belgian soldiers, 1931.
1916, Vienna.
Another 1952 Venice picture.
1940’s, Belgium. (These are the two girls from the earlier Venice stair picture).
1940’s, Belgian coast.
Ca. 1950, Belgium.
Venice, 1952.

Hi guys and girls. I need some help with a daguerrotype I bought this weekend. Most things about this daguerrotype point to a date between 1848 and 1850 (the mat style, clothing style etc). But the case itself is from the late 1850’s (thermoplastic case from Littlefield, Parsons and co., with a label dating the patent on this case from 1857).

Can anybody confirm the daguerrotype dating for me? I’m not sure about the style. But the tie thingy and the dress (with a point at the waist) make me think it’s correct.

New years eve, 1951.